16-Week “Skinny Jeans” Solution


Are you tired of not having your clothes fit the way that you want or the way that they “used to”? Maybe you woke up one morning and realized that your “fat jeans” had become your normal jeans.  Good-bye, skinny jeans, and hello “mom jeans.” Maybe you don’t even wear jeans any more.  And of course “skinny jeans” isn’t really about the jeans, is it?  You *might* have a pair of skinny jeans.  Or it could be another article of clothing.  Something from those “pre-baby” (or “pre-kid”) days that you’re just hanging onto…

Do you go shopping for clothes and come home empty-handed because you just can’t find anything that looks good and feels good, in a size that you WANT to wear (because you are NOT going up a size!)? Do you already HAVE a closetful (or more) of great clothes…that don’t fit?

Are you uncomfortable or embarrassed to go to the swimming pool or the beach? Do you miss feeling comfortable, confident and carefree in your body? Are you missing out on having the time of your life with your kids, family and friends because you’re self-conscious about how you look?

It’s time for a change. I hear clients say, “I just want my body back.” I’m here to help you get it back.  Because really, it’s not about the “skinny jeans” (or mini-skirt, or halter top, or sleeveless dress) at all, is it?  It’s about a time in your life when you felt happy, comfortable, confident and empowered in your body.

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Maybe you’ve successfully lost weight before. You’ve counted calories or points or macros, or eaten out of more silly little containers that you care to admit. But you haven’t found a way to stack on track with a “forever” way of eating.

What if you could invest in an approach to teach you a sustainable long-term way of eating FOR LIFE? What if you never needed to pay for a boring meal plan again? What if you could eat foods that you actually LIKE and CRAVE? Imagine looking forward to going to restaurants, instead of dreading having to pick dry salad. What about feeling confident in your eating approach at BBQs, birthday parties and potlucks? No more turning down social events because of the food!

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You’ve likely done some form of exercise program before, too (if not more than one). And it worked for a while, too…until it didn’t. The workouts got boring or they didn’t challenge you any more. You might have some home gym equipment collecting dust in your basement or garage. You might even have a “dusty” gym membership.

What if you had custom-designed workouts tailored specifically to YOU, YOUR SCHEDULE and YOUR EQUIPMENT? What if you could access do-anywhere, body weight-only circuits to full gym sweat sessions from an integrated training app in your phone or tablet? Imagine being able to access your workout including demo videos and instructions, anywhere at any time. No more PDFs, spreadsheets or papers to print!

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I get it – you know WHAT to do. You just can’t seem to bring yourself to do it for more than a few weeks. That’s what I’m here for! I’m the gentle (or not-so-gentle) nudge reminding you to do all those things YOU KNOW you need to do, each week. I’ll help you implement accountability systems and frameworks to help you maintain your amazing results long after our sixteen weeks together are done. Remember, “your way” is always available to you. After you read this, close your eyes for a moment and picture doing it “your way” – where will you be in four months? If you’re feeling confident and strong in the body you want, perfect! If, on the other hand, you think you might like to make an investment to get you there faster and MAINTAIN THE RESULTS, read on.


What is the 16-Week Skinny Jeans Solution?

This comprehensive, progressive program will cover the “four pillars” of fitness (mindset/accountability, nutrition, training and recovery). The sixteen weeks are broken into three, four-week training blocks for workouts, plus specifically designed “de-load” weeks to allow for muscle repair and recovery and optimize your results, totaling to sixteen weeks.  These workouts are custom-designed based on YOUR information to meet you at your level, challenge you, and suit YOUR schedule and preferred times/place(s) to work out (at home or at the gym, or both!).  The final weeks of the program actually introduce you to programming basics to set you up for sustainable success in the future, long after our sixteen weeks are up.

The nutrition starts with a meal plan to help you meet custom macro targets, and then teaches you how to make your OWN food choices to meet those targets. By the end of the 16 weeks, you will be able to confidently set your own targets for your own goals.

“I can’t wait to learn all of these things – SIGN ME UP NOW!”

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Features & Benefits:

For the duration of the 16-Week Skinny Jeans Solution, you have access to the following services:

  • Formal structured weekly check-ins to gauge progress, troubleshoot and provide support
  • Daily access to your coach (me!) for questions, advice and motivation
  • Custom-designed workouts delivered via an integrated training app, including demo videos and instructions
  • Custom-designed meal plan, taking into consideration y our specific dietary preferences and stated goals
  • Education and empowerment to learn what foods THAT YOU LIKE, that make you feel and look your best, and how to incorporate them in your wholly personalized meal plan
  • Ability to link MyFitnessPal to your integrated training app and get macros trouble-shooting and advice

“These tools will help me SO much – PLEASE TELL ME MORE!”

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Who is the 16-Week Skinny Jeans Solution for?

  • Women who are TIRED of not feeling comfortable in their clothing, or even their own skin
  • Women who are looking to ditch dieting and find their “forever” way of eating
  • Women who want to be empowered to make the food choices that are best for their own personal goals, preferences and lifestyles and just need a little accountability and education to do so
  • Women who want to get back to feeling strong and confident in their workouts and in their bodies
  • Women who are ready to “take back the beach” and put a whole new meaning to #mombod

“That’s SO me. Let me tell you what I’m never doing again!”

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Who is the The 16-Week Skinny Jeans Solution NOT for?

  • Women who want to stick with restrictive dieting approaches and set lists of “allowed” foods
  • Women who want their weight to fluctuate up and down dramatically several times over the course of a year (or even a few months), depending on whether she is being “good”
  • Women who want to stay 5-20+ pounds above their ideal weight
  • Women who want to stay soft and let their gym memberships and exercise equipment keep collecting dust
  • Women who are not ready to level up their mindset and abandon old, negative and/or self-destructive ways of thinking

Why 16 weeks and not 12?

“Lauren, everyone else is offering a 12-week or three-month transformation program.  Why is this 16 weeks?”  First of all, I’m not everyone else.  My focus and my passion are on helping busy professional working mothers.  Many of you mothers will have heard of the “fourth trimester” – the first three months after a baby’s birth that are such a critical part of a baby’s development outside of the womb.  My fourth month is like that fourth trimester.  It’s designed to reinforce, refine and optimize the results you get in the first three months, and allows for me to provide additional coaching and teaching to set you up for the best possible long-term success.

Rest assured, these extra for weeks are for YOU.  It is NOT about me wanting more money from you.  My goal is to actually free you from NEEDING to spend money on a training plan ever again, because your transformation will be complete.  As a butterfly cannot return to a caterpillar, when your 16-Week Skinny Jeans Solution is complete, you will be TOTALLY transformed.

“Lauren, this all sounds great, but I have a few more questions…”

Or, sign me up now!

I’m so excited that you’ve finally decided that NOW is the right time to make this investment in yourself. I KNOW it’s scary to make this kind of commitment. I KNOW that you are worth it, and I want for you to know it, too. I know this isn’t the first plan or approach you’ve looked at, and I know there are “cheaper” options out there. But remember, the key word is “cheap.” When you make this investment in yourself, you are sending a strong signal to yourself about what it is WORTH to achieve your goals. You are starting to put some value on how good AMAZING will feel when you have your body back and your confidently living your life.


Contact thegoldengrahamgirl@gmail.com to reserve your spot in the program before it sells out!

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*Please be mindful that measuring and tracking food could be contraindicated for individuals with a history of disordered eating – please practice self-awareness and work with your care providers to determine whether this approach and program are a good fit for you in light of your own personal history.

**As always, I am NOT a nutritionist or a dietitian. I encourage you to consult with your trusted health professional on any dietary advice or strategies that are unique to YOU as an individual, especially if you are dealing with food allergies or intolerance.