Booked for Bali

I’m excited, and I just can’t hide it!  I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…..whooooooooaaa YEAH!  Um, actually scratch that.  I’m not about to lose control (at least, I hope not).  But I am about to go on vacation (and boy, am I ready for a vacation!).  As I mentioned in this post, I just finished a pretty intense strength training program, not to mention work has been INSANE lately.  Some time soaking up the sun (and maybe even getting a new bikini or two to recognize the positive changes in my body as a result of said strength training program) in a tropical setting is just what the doctor ordered (or what the doctor would order, if I needed to go see one).

So, where am I going?  Drumroll, please! (Man, I love this “jump break” thing to cause suspense – or maybe I’m just losing readers who aren’t interested enough to click through?)

BALI, INDONESIA!  We’re not venturing too far off of the beaten path (with a preschooler in tow, we never do – we’re not the adventurous “let’s go zip-lining with our kids” parent types – at least not yet).  But we’re at a resort in a pretty happenin’ part of the island, at least the way my husband (and trip planner extraordinaire) described it to me.  We’re checking out a pretty cool water park, and I hope we can chill out with some elephants.

Bali Dynasty Resort
Bali Dynasty Resort

The other aspect of this trip that I’m excited about is putting into practice some of the great ideas from Monique Volz at Ambitious Kitchen on Setting Realistic Limits While on Vacation.  I’ve definitely been guilty of the all-or-nothing mentality (part of my go big or go home mindset that caused me to plunge right into this blogging thing in the first place!) that can cause me to eat more (WAY more) than I really need to.  In conjunction with my strength training program (seems I might have an upcoming post in the Workouts section to talk about it – do you want to hear more about it?), I also spent a lot of time working on nutritional strategies to support my strength training goals (definitely a post to come on THAT).  It’s the first time I’ve gotten really intentional and detailed about exactly what and when I was eating, on which days, to fuel and recover from my workouts.  Instead of my general approach of exercise more = eat more, I was carefully recording my meals and snacks, preparing as much as I could at home and really listening to what my body was telling me it NEEDED.  My results in the gym were amplified, and I had a lot of good takeaways about my relationship with food.  A lot of what Jill Coleman of JillFit Physiques had to say on mindset and satisfaction resonated with me.

Do you have any upcoming vacation plans you’d like to share?  How do YOU balance having fun and staying fit?  Let me know!


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