Banana-Pineapple-Spinach Protein Smoothie (Vegan option)

Banana-Pineapple Spinach SmoothieThis “green” smoothie might be a verdant colour and it might feature some decidedly good-for-you green ingredients, but the taste is nothing but sweet yellow summer sunshine!  Ripe bananas and tropical pineapple will wow your tastebuds and your body will thank you for all of the extra goodness of GREEN tea and GREEN spinach.  Packed with protein, potassium and quick-acting carbohydrates, this is the perfect pre- or post-workout pick-me-up.  It also makes a great “any time” summery snack or meal.

I actually didn’t realize that “green” smoothies were a “thing” until I started spending more time on Pinterest.  And not all green smoothies are actually green in colour, weirdly enough.  It seems any time someone throws some healthful, naturally green ingredients into a smoothie, it becomes a green smoothie.  I’ve seen spinach, swiss chard, kale, carrot tops, beet greens and other leafy green things, to name a few.  Celery and avocado also feature in smoothies, although I’m not sure if the “green” moniker only applies to leafy green ingredients or not.  And then there are smoothies that are green in colour just because of green food colouring (or liquid chlorophyll capsules, for a more “natural” alternative – check out this gorgeous Shamrock Protein Shake Healthy Soft Serve from Feeding My Addiction!  The mint flavour just adds to the sensation of GREEN!

So, my “green” additions for this smoothie happen to be antioxidant-rich green tea and the iron-rich, muscle-building superfood selection of Popeye The Sailor Man himself: SPINACH!

It's Popeye the sailor man!  Image source:
It’s Popeye the sailor man! Image source:

Spinach boasts a laundry list of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-stress properties and an abundance of micronutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin K, calcium, magneisum, manganese, folate, etc. etc.  That’s a low-calorie superfood that packs a serious punch!  Not just for salads anymore!

Add in a familiar smoothie friend: frozen banana.  Freezing the banana gives the smoothie a thick, creamy-cool consistency.  We already know bananas are a great source of potassium, to help restore electrolyte balance and soothe muscles after an intense workout.  And the carbohydrates in bananas are quickly converted to sugars to boost blood glucose levels for an immediate energy boost.  This means that the smoothie can work well either pre- OR post-workout (or both!  Why not?).

Bananas!  Superfood?!
Bananas! Superfood?!

The sweet, slightly acidic flavour of pineapple brings a pleasing punch to the smoothie AND did you know that pineapples are similarly high in potassium?  They’re also high in antioxidants and fiber, and fresh pineapples are the only known source of an enzyme called bromelain.  The “mysterious” bromelain (I’d never heard of it – what about you?) has been used to fight cancer, inflammation, asthma and allergies, to name but a few!

Fresh pineapple rings (you can use canned or just grab a pineapple fruit snack up in a pinch!)
Fresh pineapple rings (you can use canned or just grab a pineapple fruit snack up in a pinch!)

Finish it off with a few high-protein favourites including Greek yogurt (use non-dairy yogurt or omit entirely if you’d like an entirely plant-based smoothie) and protein powder.

Banana-Pineapple-Spinach Protein Smoothie

  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: easy
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This “green” smoothie might be a verdant colour and it might feature some decidedly good-for-you green ingredients, but the taste is nothing but sweet yellow summer sunshine!

Author: The Golden Graham Girl

1 cup (8 fl. oz = 240mL) brewed green tea, chilled
1 medium banana (110g) cut in chunks and frozen
1/2 cup (83g) pineapple chunks (fresh or canned)
1/2 cup (113g) plain non-fat Greek yogurt (or non-dairy yogurt)
1 scoop (28g) vanilla or unflavoured protein powder of choice – I used 1 heaping scoop of Sunwarrior Ultimate Raw Superfood Protein, Natural*
2 large handfuls of spinach leaves, washed
6 – 8 large ice cubes

1. Add all ingredients in the order listed above to a regular or high-speed blender (like a Vitamix).
2. Blend at high speed until the ice is completely crushed.
3. Serve and enjoy immediately.


Calories: 365 Fat: 1g Carbohydrates: 55g Sugar: 33g Fiber: 8g Protein: 35g

Banana-Pineapple Spinach Smoothie

Enjoy immediately and be transported to the tropics!

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