Five Fun Ways To Move Outdoors

Happy Spring!  Today marks the first full day of Spring, following the Spring Equinox yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that while I have long known about the equinoxes (is that the correct plural form?), I didn’t actually know that they meant equal hours of day and night until this year.  It’s a good thing I’m open to lifelong learning (and willing to admit and PUBLISH the fact that there is something – many things, in fact – that I don’t know)!

At any rate, the weather is also decidedly Spring-like.  We went from the depths of winter’s deep freeze to absurdly warm weather over the course of a single weekend (the “Spring forward” time change weekend, at that.  I’m sorry, but can we please just stop with this nonsense of changing the clocks?  I’ll sign a petition!  Does anyone else have a hard time with the time changes?).  The snow is melting at an astonishing rate and people are emerging from their hibernation in full force.  The sidewalks are full of walkers, runners, joggers, bicycles, scooters, etc.  Kids are splashing in puddles and dogs are gleefully racing around the park.

The changing of the seasons often stirs a desire for change in our routines.  We do Spring cleaning, we might change the decor in our homes, or even the foods that we eat.  The fashion-forward among us (not me!) even make wardrobe changes and/or hair colour changes for the season.  So it’s the perfect time to make a change to our workout and/or exercise regime as well!

Lastweek’s Instagram video series and Facebook posts were all fun ways to get your body moving outside – it’s so much fun, it won’t feel like exercise.  You don’t need to slog it out in the gym to get lean – here’s your chance to get some fresh air, sunshine AND fat loss!

Winter Sports

Take advantage of the remaining snow and ice but warmer temperatures to get your fill of outdoor winter sports and activities like snowshoeing, cross-country or downhill skiing, snowboarding , sledding, tobogganing or just a good old-fashioned snowball fight or snow fort building.


As the paths and trails dry up, get out there to enjoy nature with a hike!  (Waterproof hiking footwear still recommended!)

Pack some healthful nutrient-dense snacks to fuel you; maybe even plan a picnic into your adventure.  And be sure to bring lots of water to drink so that you can stay hydrated on your hike.

Enjoy being with others and look for the sights and sounds in nature that the seasons are changing.  You could even plan a Spring Scavenger Hunt to see who can find the most signs of Spring – like a robin red breast or certain flowers.

Be safe! Plan your route in advance and let people know where you will be and how long you will be gone.

Horseback Riding or Rockclimbing

Time for something completely different (for some of us, anyway – I know I have avid equestrians in my readership, too)! These are activities that get you outside in a new way.

Yes, you will need to invest in an experience with specialized equipment and likely a guide/instructor. Consider a fun way to kick off a new season and use your body in a new way.

What’s the wildest new activity you’ve ever tried? For me, it was the flying trapeze!

Canoe or Kayak

As the ice clears off of the waterways, you can experience the great outdoors in a new way (and get some activity in a new way) by paddling a boat or kayak.  Be sure to warm up – using your arms and shoulders in this way can be quite different from your regular activities.

Stay safe out there: PDFs for each person, a bailing bucket, a whistle and a spare paddle or two is a great place to start. Look for guided tours or classes that provide everything you need.

Kids’ Games

Embrace your inner child (bonus if you get actual kids to join in) and get outside to play some childhood games: tag, freeze tag, spotlight, capture the flag, “Mother, May I?,” scavenger hunt, catch, frisbee…just have fun!

Have a fit day!


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