(High-Protein) Healthy Bread Pudding (Low-fat)

Bread PuddingBread pudding: sweet, sticky, syrupy goodness.  Every bite is the perfect balance of creamy sauce, chewy bread and just a hint of crispy, crunchy bits of baked crust.  It’s every carbohydrate-lover’s dream dessert, and with bread in the title you could even be forgiven for thinking that it could be “healthy” (minus all of the sugar, of course).  Well, it’s time to combine dreams with the reality that I have a high-protein, low-fat, lower-carbohydrate recipe to share with you for my very own Bread Pudding and it’s free of added fats and sugars!  Weekend baking project, anyone?  This would make a perfect dessert or even a great addition to a weekend breakfast or brunch!

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