Blogging Resources: The First Site Guide

I’m excited to share another blogging resource with you!  The First Site Guide actually reached out to ME, as a beginner food blogger, to let me know about their new FREE online guide to starting a food blog.  The website ( actually offers free online resources for a variety of types of blogs and other websites.  They promote the WordPress web-hosting service but they assured me that they do NOT have any financial connection with WordPress – they just believe it’s the best platform for bloggers starting out (and I have to agree, since here I am publishing my blog on WordPress!).

I’m delighted that The First Site Guide featured me in an interview in their Helpful Articles and Interviews section – check out The Golden Graham Girl Blog by Lauren Graham to see my name in lights!

Please check out:

How to Start a Food Blog | Step by Step Guide and Useful Resources




Blogging Resources

At least two of the food bloggers that I admire and follow have provided links and/or write-ups on blogging resources on their own blogs.  Seeing as I haven’t figured out this blogging thing myself, I’d like to share their wisdom with you, and hope that you will check out their sites as well:

The DetoxinistaHow To Start Your Own Blog

Running to the KitchenBlogging Resources