Have you ever wondered about “tracking your macros” – what it means and what it’s all about?  Maybe you’ve even tried tracking your macros for a little (or a long) while and struggled to meet your targets and gave up in frustration.  Maybe you felt like it was too much work to measure and plan your food each day and it never felt like a long-term, sustainable solution.  Or maybe you did find success with tracking your macros in the past, but your life has changed and you’re not sure how this approach fits in with your new responsibilities.

The Game Your Grams© 12-Week Course is here to change all of that!

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What is Game Your Grams© 12-Week Course?

This comprehensive, progressive program will (re)introduce the concept of tracking macros (macronutrients) and show you how to set up and begin tracking macros in an app.  The course then moves through modules to introduce new information, tools and practical strategies to teach you and allow you to practice consistently hitting your macro targets with confidence and ease in any situation.

Topics covered include:

  • What are “macros” and why should I track them?
  • Setting up MyFitnessPal and “hacking” your gram targets
  • Goal-setting, tracking & progress measurement
  • My Foods, My Meals and My Recipes
  • Eating out strategies and honoring cravings
  • Cooking for family/others
  • Mindset hacks
  • Flexible tracking strategies, diet “breaks”, reverse dieting
  • And much more!

“I can’t wait to learn all of these things – SIGN ME UP NOW!”

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Features & Benefits:

For the duration of the course, you have access to the following services:

  • Bi-weekly webinars with live Q&A
  • Tutorial videos to enhance understanding of webinar material and provide practical examples of course information/strategies
  • Access to the presentation materials and references guides – yours to save and use again and again
  • Exclusive closed private Facebook group for community, support and accountability

“These tools will help me SO much – PLEASE TELL ME MORE!”

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Who is Game Your Grams© 12-Week Course for?

  • People who are looking to ditch dieting and find their “forever” way of eating
  • People who want to find their way out of and move past a deprive & binge eating cycle
  • People who have tried every other eating approach (Paleo/Keto/Atkins/LCHF/South Beach/The Zone/Weight Watchers) and have finally had enough!
  • People who want to be empowered to make the food choices that are best for their own personal goals, preferences and lifestyles
  • People who can commit to measuring and tracking their foods* honestly and reviewing the results with a scientific, investigative mindset

“That’s SO me.  Let me tell you what I’m never doing again!”

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 Who is Game Your Grams© 12-Week Course NOT for?

  • Anyone who wants to stick with restrictive dieting approaches and set lists of “allowed” foods
  • Anyone who wants his or her weight to fluctuate up and down dramatically several times over the course of a year (or even a few months), depending on whether he/she is on a diet
  • Anyone who wants to jump from fad diet to fad diet to try out all of the latest trends
  • Anyone who wants to follow a set meal plan provided by someone else
  • Anyone who does not want to learn what food choices and quantities make him or her feel the very best and achieve balance in physical, mental and emotional health
  • Anyone who is not ready to level up their mindset and abandon old, negative and/or self-destructive ways of thinking


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*Please be mindful that measuring and tracking food could be contraindicated for individuals with a history of disordered eating – please practice self-awareness and work with your care providers to determine whether this approach and program are a good fit for you in light of your own personal history.

**As always, I am NOT a nutritionist or a dietitian.  I encourage you to consult with your trusted health professional on any dietary advice or strategies that are unique to YOU as an individual, especially if you are dealing with food allergies or intolerance.