Product Reviews

I am currently NOT sponsored by or affiliated with any particular brand, company or product.  Any ideas, comments or opinions are my own, so you can trust that I’m being honest about my assessments of the usefulness (or “utility” if you want to go back to a fancy Economics class term) or lack thereof of a particular food item, fitness product, or other random paraphernalia that I feel like talking about.

That being said, I will tell you that maintaining my North American cooking, baking and eating habits in Asia has required me to become quite familiar with and dependent on various online retailers (e-tailers), and resellers.  I’ve had really excellent experiences with  From their own site, their “About” information includes: “iHerb sells nutritional supplements and other healthy products both domestically and internationally. A rapidly-expanding business, iHerb carries one of the largest selections of high-quality nutritional products in the world.”  Many of the ingredients in my recipes that could be easily had at any Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or even a local grocery store in North America are “specialty” imported items in Korea.  I’ve been so pleased that iHerb offers FREE international shipping from the U.S. as long as my order is within certain dollar and weight parameters, and they are also up-to-speed on Korean import regulations so that only approved products can even be placed in my Shopping Cart for delivery.  I’ve never had a problem with orders passing through Korea customs (knock on wood) and we have received orders in as little as 3-5 business days.  So, if you follow my link above or any of my product links for items available through iHerb, or use my discount code DVG342, first-time customers will receive 10% off any order over $40 USD and new-to-you products for existing customers will also benefit.  I, in turn, get a small credit in return.

Now, onto the random gadgets, gizmos, food and supplements I have had the pleasure (or pain) of experiencing.


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