(High-Protein) Healthy Banana Cream Pie (Gluten-free, Low-fat, No added sugar)

Banana Cream Pie PlatedThere is nothing quite like the creamy, cool, sweet, custard-y taste and texture of a banana cream pie to transport you to summertime picnics of yesteryear and call to mind long summer nights spent over simple suppers (likely a grill was involved) with friends.  And there most certainly is a time for those self-same recipes, packed as they are with egg yolks and refined sugar (see how I bemoan the Banana Cream Pie in my Banana-Coconut Cream Pie Bowl recipe).  But NOW is the time for a HIGH-PROTEIN Banana Cream Pie (but of course!).  And it’s also gluten-free, low-fat and has no added sugar.  Let’s get baking!

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(High-Protein) Banana Cream Pie Overnight Oatmeal

Banana Cream Pie Overnight OatmealIn case you missed it, summer is (officially) here (in the Northern hemisphere, anyway – Aussie readers, you can make this anyway, or Pin It and check back in six months).  Summer cookouts abound and no one wants to turn on the oven, or even the stove if it can be avoided.  Good news – this recipe requires neither!  And while many summer desserts trick us with their emphasis on fruits, they can still be deceptively high in fat and calories.  Not so with this decadent dish!  I’ve taken the classic banana cream pie and turned it into a healthy, high-protein breakfast with the goodness of whole grain oats.  Make mornings happier, especially if you have a few extra mouths around the breakfast table to feed (school summer vacation, anyone?  You can always omit the protein powder and reduce the liquid slightly for the junior set).  Enjoy the taste of a classic cool & creamy sweet summer-time dessert with none of the guilt (or excess fat or calories) in this healthy, high-protein make-ahead breakfast!

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(High-Protein) Banana-Coconut Cream Pie Bowl (Gluten-free, Grain-free, Refined sugar-free)

Banana-Coconut Cream Pie Toasted Coconut ToppingHave you ever gotten into a snacking rut?  Throwing the same granola bars (or Quest bars) into your lunch bag (or purse or backpack) week after week?  Digging the same badly bruised fruit out of the bottom of your gym bag?  Spooning the same pre-packaged single serving yogurt flavours into your mouth while you peruse Pinterest (look for me!) but pretend to work?  SNACK BOREDOM STOPS HERE!  I’m bringing you all the rich, creamy deliciousness of BOTH Banana Cream Pie AND Coconut Cream Pie in one innocent-looking bowl of high-protein, gluten-free, grain-free, refined-sugar free GOODNESS!

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