How-To: Crush Your Chocolate Cravings

Mmm…chocolate…drool…(so, if you’ve ever heard me say that I’m a runner, basically the image at the right is what’s going on).  I just LOVE chocolate.  I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?? (Okay, I know you people are out there.  Identify yourselves at your own risk.  You probably don’t really need to read this post, but on second thought, you probably should anyway so that you’re prepared to deal withhelp the chocolate lovers in your life.  Let’s face it; you’re in the minority.)  I’ve literally been talking about chocolate all week on my Instagram video series (and for a double dose, I’m on Facebook as well).  I’ve basically been PURPOSEFULLY trying to get you to crave chocolate all week, just so I can share with you how to crush your craving.

Let’s be clear…when I say “crush” your chocolate craving, I mean honour it.  Respect it, meet it, FILL it.  I don’t mean ignore it or use mind-Jedi tricks to pretend that those celery sticks are really rich, luscious chocolate.  I’m a firm believer that our cravings are our bodies’ ways of telling us things.  Important things. Things like, “FEED ME CHOCOLATE!”

Of course, fitting into your favourite jeans or crushing your back squat PR in the gym or playing with your kids or just plain having energy and confidence for life are important, too.  Don’t worry; I got you boo.  I’m sharing my favourite HEALTHFUL chocolate choices to help you meet those NEEDS and stay on track with your goals.  I even made a FREE E-BOOK for you!


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(High-Protein) Dark Chocolate Cherry Overnight Oatmeal

Dark Chocolate Cherry Overnight Oatmeal SpoonfulCherry blossom season in South Korea is BEAUTIFUL.  Streets and countrysides are lined with trees whose branches are clouds of pink and white blossoms.  As the season progresses, these blossoms drop away and float down like a soft, warm wonderful kind of snow and blanket the shoulders of the roadways.  But what’s even more beautiful, in my mind, is the bounty of fresh, ripe cherries that follows.  Rich, deep-red cherries with shiny, glossy skins are currently lining the shelves of grocery stores, fruit stands and markets everywhere.  Their fresh, tart sweetness is begging to be eaten and I am eating them in abundance!  I eat them by the handful, the bowful, the bagful, and the whole darn boxful!  And guess what happens to pair perfectly with juicy cherries?  Rich, complex, oh-so-slightly bitter deep-dark chocolate!  I was literally mid-drizzle with my chocolate syrup* poised over a bowl of fresh chopped cherries when my latest idea for Overnight Oatmeal sprang to mind.  Dark Chocolate Cherry is decadently delicious and still as healthful, high-protein and wholesome as ever!

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(High-Protein) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Overnight Oatmeal

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Overnight Oatmeal (High-Protein)Peanut butter and chocolate.  No one really knows whether peanut butter’s first love is truly jelly or whether it’s chocolate.  They just go together.  It’s really a no-brainer, isn’t it? And oatmeal for breakfast is a wholesome, natural choice.  Make it overnight oatmeal so there’s no standing and stirring over a hot pot in this easy, healthy recipe.  And why not make it high in protein?  I hope you’re not still thinking about it!  Let’s get to it RIGHT NOW!

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(High-Protein) Triple Chocolate “Chocoholic” Overnight Oatmeal

triple-chocolate-overnight-oatmealJust in time for National Chocolate Chip Day (May 15, 2015, in the U.S. anyway, in case you didn’t know – I didn’t either, until it showed up in my Facebook news feed), I present Triple Chocolate “Chocoholic” Overnight Oatmeal complete with chocolate chips!  I couldn’t very well take care of the peanut butter lovers of the world without also thinking about the chocolate lovers of the world, too.  And don’t the two go hand in hand?  And if I can make an easy, healthy high-protein recipe, of course I will.  And of course you will, too.  Right?

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