(High-Protein) Perfectly Peachy Overnight Oatmeal

Perfectly Peachy Overnight OatmealOh peaches, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…first there was just the perfectly fresh, ripe fruit with its fuzzy skin, tempting me from the produce bin.  Then there was my summery sweet cool treat Simple Peach Protein Soft Serve.  And NOW, with my love of overnight oatmeal and high-protein meal ideas how could I NOT make this easy, healthy recipe for Perfectly Peachy Overnight Oatmeal?  Of course – there was no way I could not make it (enough double negatives for you?).  Grammar and recipe to follow!

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Simple Peach Protein Soft Serve

Simple Peach Protein Soft ServeMmmmm…there’s nothing quite like biting into a perfectly ripe peach.  You know, it’s got that golden almost “sunset” colour with just a blush of coral pink on its fuzzy cheeks?  And no matter how delicately you try to do it, you always seem to get the sweet peach nectar dribbling down your cheeks?  Well, I’ve managed to combine that warm, sweet taste of summer with the creamy coolness of soft serve ice cream in this HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW-FAT peach soft serve.  It’s only got THREE ingredients and it’s easy-peasy.  Bonus: no wet wipes needed to clean up the peach juice on your face!

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