(Paleo) Simple Apple Cinnamon Roasted Squash Soup (Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Vegan)

Simple Apple Cinnamon Roasted Squash SoupI’m always impressed by a bowl of warm and creamy roasted squash soup.  This soup is no different: the rich, earthy, subtly sweet flavour of the roasted squash is enhanced by a just-right blend of spices.  Adding apple adds an unexpected yet complementary flavour and touch of sweetness to the dish.  No matter what time of year you make it, the taste will make you think of fall with its brilliant-hued leaves and crisp weather.  Savouring a bowl of this soup is just like snuggling into your favourite cozy knitted sweater.

Not only am I impressed by this kind of soup, I’ve also been intimidated by the idea of preparing such a soup.  Not anymore!  I promise that this recipe will show you how easily you can prepare this sophisticated yet comforting dish.

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Vanilla Green Tea Protein Soft Serve

Vanilla Green Tea Protein Soft ServeAll right gym rats, fitness foodies, flexible dieters, IIFYM-er’s (If It Fits Your Macros) and workout & kitchen wizards: this HIGH-PROTEIN recipe is just for you (and also check out the other High-Protein Recipes, too!).  We’re going to take protein powder “high-brow” by adding in some Matcha green tea powder and using brewed green tea ice cubes to make a frozen vanilla green tea soft serve to remedy those green tea ice cream cravings that just never seem to make it into your daily macros.  All you need is a blender!  Let’s DO THIS!

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Simple Peach Protein Soft Serve

Simple Peach Protein Soft ServeMmmmm…there’s nothing quite like biting into a perfectly ripe peach.  You know, it’s got that golden almost “sunset” colour with just a blush of coral pink on its fuzzy cheeks?  And no matter how delicately you try to do it, you always seem to get the sweet peach nectar dribbling down your cheeks?  Well, I’ve managed to combine that warm, sweet taste of summer with the creamy coolness of soft serve ice cream in this HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW-FAT peach soft serve.  It’s only got THREE ingredients and it’s easy-peasy.  Bonus: no wet wipes needed to clean up the peach juice on your face!

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Simple Banana Protein Soft Serve

Simple Banana Protein Soft Serve“You gotta get on dee boat, ya, Banana Boat!”  That song most definitely makes me think of summer.  Because not only does it make me think of sunscreen, but it also makes me think of bananas.  And when I think about bananas and summer, I think about banana splits & sundaes.  And while I love me a good banana split or a sundae, I can’t go eating those every day (maybe you can – lucky you!).  But what I CAN eat every day (and might just try this summer) is this HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW-FAT banana soft serve.  It’s got all of the health benefits of bananas (because it’s made using frozen bananas), extra protein, and none of the things that make ice cream a “once-in-awhile” treat (refined sugar, saturated dairy fat & “empty” calories).  Plus, it’s unbelievably easy!

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Simple Strawberry Protein Soft Serve

SUMMER!  It’s practically here!  (Well, in the Republic of Korea at least.  I heard Colorado got snow twoStrawberry Protein Soft Serve weeks ago, or something crazy like that).  And what screams summer more than ice cream?  How does that ditty go?  “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”?  Strawberries also scream summer to me.  So how about strawberry ice cream?  Better still, how about a HIGH-PROTEIN, LOW-FAT alternative to strawberry ice cream?  This simple, sweet recipe also has no refined sugar and only THREE main ingredients.

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