On the Total Transformation in the 16-Week Skinny Jeans Solution:

I want to give some love and a shout out to the amazing Fiona! She and I had the chance to partner up for her to experience all of the elements of my 16-Week “Skinny Jeans” Solution Total Transformation program, and you can see for yourself how she was able to tighten and tone all over, especially in her tummy and thighs – and these photos are just two weeks apart! Well done!
Fiona is exactly the busy professional working mother I love to help. She made these changes with A LOT going on (in her own words): “We have been doing some major construction work in our house…alongside daily life and mum duties!”
Here’s what she had to say about the program:
On the workouts: “I really enjoyed the workouts and it gave me the jump start I was needing! I also think the app worked really well – very easy to use.”
On the food: “Also those breakfast burritos [from her custom meal plan] have become a family favourite in our house and are requested for lunch and dinner sometimes too!”
Overall: “Anyway I just wanted to say a big thank you for the kick start!”
Thank you to you, Fiona! You make doing what I do so valuable and rewarding!
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On the training:FH_transformation

“Big up for The Golden Graham Girl-s 8 minute booty workouts! One month of adding in an extra 8 mins of these ace tooshy toners with my usual gym session and I can see a difference already!”

  • Fiona H.

“I worked with Lauren, The Golden Graham Girl for a two week challenge.  I had already lost 32 pounds on my own, but had hit a plateau for a few weeks.  But after following Lauren’s meal and exercise plan, I lost 5 pounds and an inch off of my waist!  She was very responsive to my messages and questions, and very upbeat and positive.  The training app that she uses in really user friendly, and has great features that I haven’t been able to find on other fitness apps.  She has given me a new outlook on weightlifting!”

  • Laura N.

“I’m feeling good! I am getting stronger in the gym…I had a productive work week. I was able to lift more weight in the gym. My mood was good all week.”

  • Tiara E.

“The workouts have been comprehensive and fun! I ran! I have actually followed some sort of program for fitness!”

  • Tia S.

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On the food:

“I’m excited, but nervous to eat so many calories!…”

  • Laura N. (lost 2.8 lbs in Week 1)

“I’m nervous about the calories too, it’s about 500 more [per day] than I’m used to…”

  • Sherrie R. (lost 4.7 lbs in Week 1, eating MORE food than before)

“I didn’t feel like I was eating “diet” food or missing out on anything.”

  • Liz R. (lost 3.3 lbs in Week 1, with NO diet foods)

“That cheesecake is amazing!! 3 pieces in one day and I’m still on track…

  • Catherine P.

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On the accountability:

“You’ve been great. Very patient and helpful and I love your videos!”

  • Rosemary C.

“I am always amazed at how the most appropriate points seem to be raised just as I seem to be needing those areas clarified or helpful advice given around an issue I am facing. So many things from life events, training problems, diet, plus points correlate to the stuff going on in my life too. Its like having a friend to go to where you have so much in common and can thresh stuff out or even just make sense of what you are actually thinking yourself, except that friend has the expertise and training to back it all up!! ”

  • Wendy S.