On the training:FH_transformation

“Big up for The Golden Graham Girl-s 8 minute booty workouts! One month of adding in an extra 8 mins of these ace tooshy toners with my usual gym session and I can see a difference already!”

  • Fiona H.

“I’m feeling good! I am getting stronger in the gym…I had a productive work week. I was able to lift more weight in the gym. My mood was good all week.”

  • Tiara E.

“The workouts have been comprehensive and fun! I ran! I have actually followed some sort of program for fitness!”

  • Tia S.

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On the food:

“I’m excited, but nervous to eat so many calories!…”

  • Laura N. (lost 2.8 lbs in Week 1)

“I’m nervous about the calories too, it’s about 500 more [per day] than I’m used to…”

  • Sherrie R. (lost 4.7 lbs in Week 1, eating MORE food than before)

“I didn’t feel like I was eating “diet” food or missing out on anything.”

  • Liz R. (lost 3.3 lbs in Week 1, with NO diet foods)

“That cheesecake is amazing!! 3 pieces in one day and I’m still on track…

  • Catherine P.

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On the accountability:

“You’ve been great. Very patient and helpful and I love your videos!”

  • Rosemary C.