How-To: Journal (When You Don’t Like To Journal)

You may have heard that “journaling” (keeping a log of your thoughts and/or activities) is a surefire way to succeed in just about any aspect of life.  It’s actually described as “the most potent and powerful keystone habit you can acquire” in this article, which also goes on to tout that journaling optimizes your creative potential, accelerates your ability to manifest your goals, creates a springboard for daily recovery, generates clarity and congruence, clears your emotions, ingrains your learning, increases your gratitude…and on and on (the article actually includes at least TWENTY-ONE other benefits of journaling).  WHEW!  I really wish I had found and read the article before I launched my Instagram video series on this topic!

I’ll bet you’re ready to stop reading and START JOURNALING RIGHT NOW!  But, please stay with me – I know that consistent daily journaling can be tough and I’m going to break it down for you.  Since you’re itching to go, let’s get to it!

Pick A Journal That Suits You

Get a journal that suits YOU. It doesn’t have to be leather bound or floral motif with a heart-shaped key (unless you want it to be). It doesn’t have to be a traditional “journal” at all. I’ve got a three-ring binder and I love being able to take pages in and out and add more and move them around.



Other options could be:
– note cards – index/recipe cards
– a coil notebook (as a southpaw, I abhorred these in school)
– a duo tang (remember those?)
– a sketch pad
– loose-leaf paper (lines or unlined)
– your phone or tablet or computer (Notes or Word document or other writing application)

Find what speaks to YOU!

Get Journaling Prompts

These are guiding questions or even just statements or quotes upon which to reflect to get the creative juices flowing.  They might also be fill-in-the-blanks that are “easy wins” to get pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be). Depending on the purposes of your journaling, you can find tailored prompts for just about anything: weight loss, mental clarity, success in business, a better love life…maybe all of the above.

Find some, try some or make your own. Want help getting started? Reach out to me free and I’ll get you going with my top five journal prompts!

Block Time for Journaling

Schedule/block your journaling time. Set the time in your calendar or PDA (personal digital assistant) or as an alarm on your phone…write it on the back of your hand or tattoo it on your forehead.

Make sure you pick a time that is realistic for you to actually write in your journal. The after work, supper rush time might not be the best time for you. If you find the time is consistently pushed or filled with other activities, it’s time to pick a new journal time.

Schedule the time, protect the time and finally USE the time. Get out your journal of choice and your journaling prompts and JUST DO IT.

Just Do It

Seriously. You’ve picked the journal that suits you, you’ve got some cool journaling prompts that really speak to your soul and motivate you, you’ve blocked off your journaling time and the “journal” alarm just went off on your phone…it’s time to just start writing (or typing, as the case may be).

Like anything else, the more you practice journaling consistently, the easier and more automated it will get (there are so many applications of this principle on other facets of life). So just get on with it already and soon enough you, the person who didn’t keep a journal in the past, is a consistent “journaler” now (not a “journalist”; that’s something else).

Assess, Tweak & Repeat

So, you’ve got the journal that suits you (1), you’ve got amazing journaling prompts (2), you’ve blocked time to journal (3), you’ve actually tried writing in your journal (4) and yet lo and behold, whether it’s been a few days or a few months – all of a sudden you realize you’re not journaling anymore (kind of like going to the gym or exercising consistently, hey?). Now is the time to get critical about what isn’t working versus what WAS working well when you first started and address those things.

Is it the journal? Just doesn’t suit? You can try a different format for a while. Is it the prompts? Are they no longer inspiring you? Are you moving in a new direction? You can get (or write your own) new prompts. Or maybe it’s time to ditch prompts entirely if they are stifling what you really want to write. Is the journaling time you picked getting over-scheduled? Maybe it’s time for a new block of time. Have you actually been doing the thing? Maybe you need an accountability ally to tell you to DO THE THING.  You can even ask me about accountability coaching support!

It’s like steering an ocean liner – a few small adjustments now to get back on course are much easier than trying to make a massive shift after months when you realize you’re going on a completely different direction. Where else does that analogy apply, hmmm?

And now you’re set up for success in journaling, which will set you up for success in LIFE, IN THE UNIVERSE AND YES EVEN IN THE MULTIVERSE!!

Have a fit day!


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