How-To: Drink More Water

Is it HOT enough for you, Cal-GARY?  Or Halifax? (I’ve been hearing reports of record temperatures and humidity on the other side of the country, too).  Or wherever you are?  Or maybe you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s actually cold right now, and indoor heat sources are cranked and drying out the air, and YOU’RE dehydrated, too!  We’re in the middle of Environment Canada Extreme Weather Advisories and Heat Warnings, etc.  And since adequate water intake is a key component of fat loss, all the more reason to share my top tips for drinking more of the good stuff.  Good, ol’fashioned “aitch two oh” (“haitch two oh” in Newfoundland).

Add flavour

So, we all know that drinking water is good for us and yet we often fail to drink enough, even when it’s STINKIN’ HOT outside (and if you’re living the air-conditioned life, consider that air-conditioners often remove moisture from the air and actually cause you to underestimate your thirst and over-estimate your hydration level because you’re not hot and bothered I mean sweaty).

Some people claim to not even like the taste of plain water, which I don’t really get because a) does water actually have a taste? And b) our bodies are virtually 70% water – what’s not to like?

So, my first tip is to add flavour. Whether it’s Mio flavour drops or a packet of Crystal Lite (Light?) or you want to buy calorie-free flavoured water, there is sure to be a flavour that suits you.

I’m actually going to suggest flavoured branched chain amino acids. If you’re training regularly, they will supposedly aid recovery, too. I haven’t read all the latest scientific journals to decide whether they actually make a difference beyond creating expensive urine, but I believe they have a beneficial impact on my training so that belief alone makes them worthwhile (placebo effect?  Maybe.  But if it works, it works).



Yes, it’s time to bling up your water. Add a straw, add an umbrella, get a fun cup or glass (make it a margarita glass or beer stein) – because when it’s fun, you’re more likely to do it!


Get an app

There’s an app for that! Yes, just as we use apps for everything else, from tracking our steps and food and sleep and finding Pokémon and friends, there are apps to encourage and/or remind you to DRINK YOUR WATER!

Choices include:
– Plant Nanny – keep that plant (and by extension, yourself) alive!
– My Water Balance
– Drink Water Reminder
– and many more


Get a Smart water bottle

Get a Smart water bottle. Now you’re combining the technology of an app with the bling factor of a fancy water bottle and it will actually keep you on track to drink your targeted amount of water. Could it get any easier?


Put your money where your mouth is

Make an “accountability deposit” (or a bet). This is putting your money where your mouth is. Assign someone or something to monitor your water intake and if you don’t meet your target, you pay up! Using money as a motivator seems to be pretty darn effective in many areas of life, fitness and beyond.

How do you know you’re drinking enough water?  It’s not a set absolute amount that will work for each person.  The clearer your urine, the better.  For some people, this will mean eight cups of water per day (2L) and for others it will mean sixteen cups or more, and it will also vary day by day for each person as well, depending on his or her activity level and other environmental factors.  Aim for no darker than pale lemonade.  Hopefully that’s enough of a visual for you!

Have a fit (& hydrated) day!


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